Hello Internet. Do any of you keep a change jar at home?

Just a big or little jar that you dump your change into at the end of the day? I do. It’s sitting on my dresser at the moment. I can see it as I’m writing this. Ar first, the change jar didn’t really have any intended purpose and as time went by I pulled from it once in awhile for extra cash, or threw my tips in and watched it fill up. The jar is barely a quarter of the way full but there is still a substantial amount of money it. I remember some of the things I spent some of it on.

Coffee with a friend.

A new book.

$2.00 Carmel Apples with my siblings.

Currently, it’s my “tattoo fund.”

Maybe if I hadn’t spent the money from my change jar on those little things, it would be full now. But I don’t think I mind. I think I would rather have had the experiences than the extra change just sitting there.

My mind goes to the beginning of the Pixar movie, Up. Carl and Ellie had that Paradise Falls fund jar and had grand plans to take a trip together, but then things happened along the way. Life happened. A flat tire. A broken leg. A tree falling on their roof (Although I think only in a Pixar movie would a change jar have repaired that…) And eventually it ended up shoved to the back of a bookshelf. The point that I’m trying to make, to you and to myself as I start a new chapter of my life at college, is this:

Life happens sometimes.

(Be responsible with you money, of course) But don’t be afraid to make a change in plans.

(Get it? Change. Change jar? Ha.)

Embrace what’s out there and enjoy the new adventures.

Disney/Pixar, "Up"
Disney/Pixar, “Up”

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August 17, 2014

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