The Grey Mansion

The Grey Mansion is my first novel which was self-published in September 2016.

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Senior Research

“YouTube’s Adolescence: How The 2017 Adpocalypse Changed the Industry for Online Creators”

The Adpocalypse and its effect on creators is only one slice of this already-massive and still-growing online industry. We can argue from now until the next century about whether this is good or bad for journalism and entertainment. But that is not the point of this paper. The point is to explore the challenges facing entertainment, news, education, and niche creators as the online industry continues to develop. And if you’ve only learned one thing from this paper I hope it is this: It is foolish to say that new forms of media will never catch on. It has. It does. It is. And it will continue to do so. If nothing else, the recent Adpocalypse proves that the online video industry is here to stay, come hell or high water or Google’s new rollout of changes. The future can be scary, yes. YouTube is in its adolescent years, a time psychologists refer to as essential for identity development in humans. It is sometimes volatile, just as newspapers and radio, and TV broadcasting once were during their development. But the only chance we have of directing the future of journalism and entertainment toward good is to jump in headfirst and be an active part of this new reality.”

Public Relations

This is a project during which my team and I assembled a public relations plan for the Geneva Chamber of Commerce. The project presents plans for year-round engagement, but specifically focuses on promoting the annual Christmas Walk.

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ThriveHD Guest Post

Guest post on ThriveHD’s blog. ThriveHD helps companies create engaging video and social media content.

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“Thriving requires Creation because it forces us to think in new ways, and to appreciate those thought processes for the possibilities they offer. Thriving requires Creation because creation is a human being’s natural reaction to the world around us, the world that is full of potential and full of new ideas just waiting to be explored and appreciated. To truly Thrive and appreciate life in all of its wonder and intensity, we must continue to explore, to dream, and to respond to our experiences of the world. In order to Thrive we must continue to create.”


20-minute screenplay titled “Bri’s Last Wish”

This screenplay was awarded the Spring 2018 Creative Writing Award by Judson University.

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